Individuals are going insane for yoga everywhere throughout the world. Some want to learn Yoga so they can rehearse it every day for their great wellbeing and for the tranquility of mind. But there are numerous who wish to pick up information of yoga inside and out and need to impart their insight to other individuals by getting to be Yoga Teacher/Trainer. For the individuals who need to make yoga as their vocation, there are a wide range of courses by finishing which they can get the testament of turning into a yoga educator or for running their own yoga classes.

By remembering about the profession openings in yoga, there has been begun 100 hours yoga educator preparing in Rishikesh. Individuals who wish to cause their profession in the field of Yoga to can doubtlessly join the 100 hour yoga educator preparing here. This instructor preparing is fundamentally the transient course of 200 hour yoga educator preparing. Individuals who can't finish the 200 hour yoga educator preparing on the double because of any issue can unquestionably join 100 hour session multiple times. It is upon your accommodation when you need to finish the following 100 hour preparing.

During this course you will get the data about yoga, meditation, life structures, stances, and history of yoga and subsequently you become educated enough to pass on this data to other individuals. Yoga isn't only a physical exercise, rather it is additionally mental and enthusiastic exercise. By doing Yoga, one can get help from numerous issues. It can demonstrate to be probably the best alternative for a mind-blowing change and for profession as well. It may appear as though 200 hours is quite a while to finish, thusly there is the choice of 100 hours yoga educator preparing likewise which is pertinent in the event that you aren't ready to finish the 200 hours preparing immediately. For this situation, you can finish initial 100 hours preparing and after that inside the timespan as endorsed in guidelines you can seek the following 100 hours preparing. What's more, along these lines you can finish 200 hours yoga preparing. What's more, subsequent to finishing each of the 200 hours preparing, you can get confirmed as the yoga coach. The 200 hours preparing is viewed as proportional to 10 to 12 weeks practice. Here you will get the information about antiquated insight and will get the hang of associating with various types of individuals. You will get the opportunity to get different aptitudes and will realize how to battle with various medical issues and will figure out how to increase genuine joy of life.


Our accomodational preparing in Rishikesh comprises of different yoga styles like Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa yoga stream and Meditation abilities. We are a blend of different expert yoga educators from various pieces of the world. We are the best yoga instructor preparing focus in Rishikesh and are enlisted with Yoga Alliance USA. We offer the 200 hours instructor preparing with the point that we need to give yoga in a customary and embracive way and give valid information of reasoning, yogic life, asana, contemplation methods, mantra reciting and so forth. We have youthful yet proficient mentors who have brilliant information about yoga and its styles. Our mentors have contemplated the yoga course since their youth from various yoga colleges. They have long periods of experience of yoga practice. Every one of the mentors train their understudies in an excited manner with the goal that they can pick up ampel measure of information about yoga and can end up effective yoga instructors.


● Hasta Padangusthasana & Pada Hastasana
● Utthita Tri Konasana
● Parivrtta Tri Konasana
● Utthitan Parsva Konasana
● Parivrtta Parsva Konasana
● Prasarita Padottanasana A, B, C & D
● Utthita Parsvottanasana
● Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana
● Utthita Parsvasahita
● Utthita Eka Padasana
● Ardhabaddha Padmottanasana
● Ardhabaddha Padmottanasana
● Virabhadrasana A,B and C.

● Paschimottanasana A, B and C
● Purvottanasana
● ArdhaBaddha Padma Paschimottanasana
● Tirieng Mukha Eka Pada Paschimottanasana
● JanuSirsasana A,B and C
● Marichyasana A,B and D
● Navasana
● Lolasana
● BhujaPidasana
● Kurmasana
● GarbhaPindasana
● Kukkutasana
● BaddhaKonasana A & B
● Konasana A & B

● Salabhasana A & B
● Dhanurasana
● Ustrasan
● Kapotasana A & B
● SuptaVajrasana
● BakasanaA
● Bakasana B Jump
● ArdhaMatsyendrasana
● Yoga Nidrasana
● Tittibhasana
● PichaMayurasana
● PichaMayurasana
● Gomukhasana A & B

● Kasyapasana
● Bhairavasana
● UrdhvaKukkatasana A
● Galavasana
● EkaPadaViparitaDandasna
● VipritaSalabhasana
● GandhaBherundasana
● Hanumanasana
● Natrajasana
● Raja Kapotasana